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Hurricane Ike in PA

Hurricane Ike was felt as far north as Erie, PA last night as winds of 40-60 MPH buffeted the house so hard it sounded like it was hailing (it may have actually been small berries and things being ripped from trees). Except for some brief power outages that prevented me from seeing the only TD in last night's Steelers/Browns game (the DVR takes a good 10-15 minutes to re-start, re-lock onto the signal(s), etc.)., and a broken limb from one of the trees in our front yard (see below), we came through everything pretty well.

Some other folks, not so much.

A dumb friend of mine, after tasting some of the rain a few weeks ago when Hurricane Gustav was causing a whole lot of rain here in the Erie area, asked me why it wasn't salty. 😛Tree Down

One Response to "Hurricane Ike in PA"

  1. Not dumb, just meteorologically challenged.