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For Sale: Canon 5D

For Sale (make me an offer, including shipping in the U.S.): Canon 5D body, in great shape, battery charger, and two spare batteries. Also includes USB cable (do you really need another one?), 128 MB CompactFlash card, and possibly the remote control. Make me an offer. I'd prefer to avoid eBay, after all.

Canon 5D Mark II

In totally unrelated news, I'm looking to pick up both a Canon 50D and the new 5D Mark II. Many of the pro photographers I watch at golf tournaments (or wherever) employ two cameras: a telephoto lens on the crop-sensor camera, and a wide angle lens on the full-frame camera.

The 50D is a 15.1 MP camera with 6.3 FPS with ISO 3200 (or up to 12,800). With its 1.6 crop sensor, it'll also effectively add some "reach" to my lenses. It ships in early October. The 5D Mark II is a 21.1 MP full-frame camera that goes up to ISO 25,600 (mmmmmm) and shoots 3.9 FPS. $1300 and $2700 are the prices, but with an extra battery, a remote, and some other things, I'm looking at a $5k payout.

Apparently the 5DMII will also shoot HD video. No word yet on whether it can do this at more than 30 FPS or what. Hopefully it can, but quite honestly, I think that's unlikely.

11 Responses to "For Sale: Canon 5D"

  1. I'm temped too. I'm just a bit afraid of the size of the raw files of the 5D Mark II. It takes already too long to process the 12 MP files that I get from the 5d.

  2. Ludovic: The MkII has an sRAW format, where you can have it write out smaller (10MP, and maybe more sizes) RAW files if you know you won't need the full 21MP files.

  3. [...] Despite all of the objections and rationale, I still plan to find a way to grab a 50D and a 5DMII… perhaps not this year, but sometime. And yes, my 5D is still for sale. [...]

  4. Is your camera still for sale?

  5. [quote comment="49845"]Is your camera still for sale?[/quote]

    Yep. I'll post here when it's been sold.

  6. Hi, do you still have the 5D for sale? Will you sell me at $1500. I live in the UK so we can come to an arrangement.

  7. Are you a professional? If so, how long have you had it and have you ever had to send it in for repair. I am definitely interested and live in Atlanta, Ga.

  8. [quote comment="50197"]Are you a professional?[/quote]

    Not a pro, no, not by a long stretch. Photography's a hobby for me.

    It's never needed service. It's always been a great camera. I think it's got under 10,000 shutter actuations on it.

    Right now, to be honest, I'm leaning towards keeping it as a second camera. I might pass on the 50D thing and just pick up a second 5D Mark II. Dunno. Even if I do sell it, it won't be before I get the 5D Mark II (assuming I get one), so that's still a month or so away.

  9. What will you TAKE for the 5D??? Bottom Dollar?

  10. :mrgreen: Is this still for sale?

    1. [quote comment="52645"]:mrgreen: Is this still for sale?[/quote]

      I don't think I'm selling it. Makes more sense to keep it.