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iPhone Pic: Half a Penny!? What a Deal!

Any time I see a sign like this, I'm tempted to try to take the people up on what they're offering, perhaps by giving them a penny and insisting that they "keep the change."

Half a Penny!

4 Responses to "iPhone Pic: Half a Penny!? What a Deal!"

  1. This bugs me to no end and when you try to explain it to them, they have no idea what you mean...

  2. [quote comment="49908"]It's even worse than you think...[/quote]

    I remember that story. I once (successfully) bought a DVD because it was marked 19.99¢. Took a bit of arguing, but it was at a CompUSA, so maybe they're smarter there than at Verizon as they eventually took my quarter and, indeed, kept the change.

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