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One of My Favorite Pictures

The picture on today's photoblog is one of my favorites (today, a small version appears to the right as well). If you get the chance, drop by, subscribe, and rate the image.

I do think this is one of my best photos ever, but in sharing that thought with a friend the other day, I said "that's pretty pathetic." It was a comment laced with "if this is your best ever, and it's not very good, well then your body of work must be really terrible." Never one to take a compliment well, I have a hard time giving myself compliments too. Instead I prefer to focus on the ways I can improve. It's a tactic that's far more efficient than focusing only on the things that are good about something, but less than the ideal: recognizing both what's good and bad.

And really, that's almost how I approach my whole life. Terrible with compliments, always looking at what I can improve about myself, never really taking much pleasure in the positives, but still somehow enjoying most of each day with the people I love and who love me.