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13 Photography Lessons for Your Kid

A shortened version of the original:

  1. Experiment
  2. Check the background
  3. Hold the camera straight (contrary to #1; can be done in software later)
  4. How to hold a camera (carefully! :-))
  5. Get in close
  6. Take lots of photos
  7. Strive for balance between people, place, things
  8. Find a point of interest
  9. Rule of thirds (probably not when they're four years old, though)
  10. Review pictures together
  11. Learn the half-shutter press (or whatever you do to focus on your camera)
  12. Learn different modes (most adults don't know how to do this, cripes!)
  13. Exposure settings (see previous parenthetical note!)

As one commenter says, the best tip was left off the list: have fun!

Another good one from the comments is "take care of the camera." 🙂