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Speed Test: Down is Good, Up is Bad

Suffice to say:

  • I'm do not believe my download speed.
  • My upload speed sucks. Seriously, Time-Warner, what gives?
  • gives me about 5-8 Mbps down. The up is close enough.

Either way, I'd trade 4 Mbps of download speed for an extra 1.3 Mbps of upload speed.

P.S. Just tested again and got 29584 kbps down. Uh huh. Sure. I realize this speed server is on my main little branch of the Internet, but it's still 11 hops away.

7 Responses to "Speed Test: Down is Good, Up is Bad"

  1. Looks a little suspicious and one sided since it only allows RoadRunner subscribers to use the site.

    " 403 - Unauthorized
    The Road Runner Speedtest server is for use by Road Runner Subscribers Only."

    Have you tried yet?

  2. I used Speakeasy as a speed tester...

    Try that...

  3. I see similar results on my TW connection in upstate New York. I pay for 8Mbps/2Mbps, but I've never seen more than about 700Kbps upstream.

  4. [...] of course, just as I post about the (incorrect) speeds, Time-Warner's RoadRunner service goes down from Friday afternoon until early Monday [...]

  5. Do you get powerboost in your region?

    If so that's probably why your download speeds are so high. Try running the test 3-4 times in a row, it should normalize to real speeds after a few runs.

  6. [quote comment="50444"]Do you get powerboost in your region?[/quote]

    I have the "Turbo" thing, and my download speeds are consistently pretty good. I'd trade a good portion of that away for faster upload speeds, and for that they only offer a business-class connection. They start at $79.95/month ($20 more than I pay now) and include a bunch of crap I don't want - 25 email addresses, DNS hosting, etc. - and so the low-end plan probably still has only 768 kbps or so upload.

    You can see the options listed here. It's really rather lame how big the difference in speeds are. Probably fine for 95% of home users, but since I work from home and upload large files fairly often… not so much for me.

  7. Thank your lucky stars that your speeds are as high as they are. I use Bigpond in Australia and it sucks! My rates are: 1319 download and 214 upload.