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Your Senses


Keeping your eyesight and hearing are, to me, no-brainers. Smell and taste are so interlinked it's tough to pull them apart, so I'd almost consider them one and the same, except that tasting is done far less frequently than smelling. So between taste and touch, I might very well give up taste. It might even be good for me - I could eat purely for health and not worry about how great a steak tastes.

Even if forced to give up both smell and taste (to eliminate all taste), I still might. Touch is critically important to a lot of daily tasks - like typing, driving a car, etc. - and recreational activities like sports or even operating a camera.

5 Responses to "Your Senses"

  1. I went with taste too. For pretty much the same reasons, although I _don't_ eat for health nearly as much as I _should_.

    I love the taste of foods, but I does nothing but get me in trouble. I might indeed be better off without it 😛

  2. I lost taste on half my tongue for about 6 weeks this summer. Bell's palsy. Very weird. Texture alone makes food seem kind of nasty.

    Smell is what I would give up. Plenty of bad smelling stuff out there.

  3. I think taste alone is a no brainer - and even if i had to throw "smell" in, it'd still be an easy choice. As much as i like eating and cooking, they'd be the first thrown under the bus behind communication et all.

    Here's an interesting spin on the question - which sense would you sacrifice from birth? which would you go without ever knowing?

    (I'd still lose taste/smell, but if that was not an option, it gets a lot trickier.)

  4. Maybe my Proprioceptic sense. For some reason you only listed 5?

  5. [quote comment="50402"]For some reason you only listed 5?[/quote]

    I only consider there to be five main senses.