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New Pepsi Logo and Designs?

Yet another reason to drink Coke. Ugh.

The Mountain Dew bottle isn't so bad, but the other bottles are being compared to male reproductive organs and the logo work, in the words of one commenter, looks as though it's the work of a designer trying to convince the higher-ups not to change the current design.

4 Responses to "New Pepsi Logo and Designs?"

  1. Huh. It looks like the Obama logo.

  2. Unlike Coca-Cola, Pepsi has been regularly changing its look. I tend to think of the 1973-1990 red/white/blue cans when I think of Pepsi, but the current (until now) blue cans were ok (especially in their first iteration, before they started putting all sorts of weird extra crap on them).

    The new look will take some time to get used to... especially for the Pepsi varieties. I do like the simple clean appearance. If they had only stuck with the original logo, I'd be ok with it. (And of course they should stick with normal bottles.. those shapes are awful. If they really want to change the bottles, they should back to glass! yeah, yeah, I know that'll never happen due to cost reasons.. but it can't be cheap to design a new bottle and make new molds..)

    I think the Mtn Dew logo is pretty good. The old Mountain Dew logo was starting to look a bit aged (too much of a '90s "extreme" look)

    The Sierra Mist logo hurts my eyes (which strain to try to focus the fuzziness), but I like the idea in theory. i'll wait until I see it in person to decide whether I like it.

  3. Not only did they not keep the swirl logo that they've had for 50 years, the new cans all have a different logo - notice that the white area is a different size on the different cans, and it isn't always red/white/blue either - in one it's red/white/black.

    The vastness of the lameness is quite staggering.

  4. Imagine working at a bar and stocking this stuff...right now, you've got the "old" product in front trying to use it up and a completely different "new" product behind it -- looks like an absolute mess in the cooler right now!!!

    Add me to the above list of those who hate the new look. Maybe its the marketing major in me, but their brand identification campaigns have always sucked.

    Not just saying that because I love Coca-Cola products, either. Pepsi changes like the wind. At least Coke learned from the whole "New Coke" fiasco.