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Time-Warner Shuts Down Internet on Election Day

The outrage I'm feeling right now can't quite be put into words.

As I said awhile back, Time-Warner is performing some equipment upgrades, which has resulted in downtime. I was fine with a little downtime (though the complete lack of communication and forewarning on Time-Warner's part is not cool at all) to improve infrastructure.

But not on election day!

I've not had Internet service since I woke up this morning, and as of right now it's 2:15pm. I don't know who else is affected, but it's certainly at least a few hundred homes and a few thousand people. Some of those people are probably also suffering from a loss of their home telephone service, as Time-Warner offers that as well, and perhaps even TV service.

The short-sighted nature of shutting down one to three major forms of communication on election day is appalling. Who on earth thought today would be a good day to perform more work? Internet service has been working, and they choose today of all days to kill services?