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Time-Warner Goes Down Again

This upgrade process is getting old. It's been going on for quite awhile too. At least it wasn't election day, but it's amazing how many things require use of the Internet. A partial list includes:

  • Can't look up phone numbers easily.
  • iPhones fail (we're getting tired of turning off WiFi so we can use EDGE).
  • No Xbox Live, which makes me not want to play any games at all since they're so tied to the online world.
  • No email, no Twitter, no AIM - no Internet for personal OR work.
  • No easy way to find out what's going on in the world, both news-wise and also "what can we do tonight in Erie."
  • Can't schedule DVR recordings while running errands. Well, you can schedule them, but your DVR won't get the notification.

The only upside? More time to read.

I back-dated this post. The Internet was down from Monday at 12:15 until Wednesday at 11am.