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Selling Prints Online

Duncan's post about his Zenfolio print store experience (or, rather, a customer's experience) led me to consider setting up a little print store of my own.

Zenfolio costs about $40/year for what I'd do. Are there any free stores out there that don't suck? I'm trying to avoid coming to the realization in a year that I couldn't even make up the $40 ((Do you even make any money at the $40 plan or is the Premium plan with "price lists with profit markups" required?)). 🙂

One Response to "Selling Prints Online"

  1. I'm pretty sure you've gotta do the premium plan in order to be able to do markups and make any money at all.

    Another solution, a bit more manual, is to put together your own store front and then submit the orders yourself to Mpix. Not so clean, but if you're volume isn't high, it's perfectly doable.