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Vote Nah and Yeah Scripts for JPG

In my downtime today and yesterday, I spent a few moments clicking through a bunch of submissions to JPG magazine's three Issue 20 themes. Because the position of the "Nah" and "Yeah" buttons change depending on the size of the image, it became a slow, tedious process that felt a lot more like work.

I took a few moments to write up some AppleScripts to help me automate the process. The two are simply:

tell application "Safari" to do JavaScript "document.getElementById('voteNah').submit()" in document 1

tell application "Safari" to do JavaScript "document.getElementById('voteYeah').submit()" in document 1

Using FastScripts, I assigned each a keyboard shortcut - ctrl-N and ctrl-Y - both of which are on the right hand. I can now rate images just about as quickly as possible.

Of course, I still pause to look at the good ones and I often consider my options… I just don't have to stress out my mouse arm quite as much now.

One Response to "Vote Nah and Yeah Scripts for JPG"

  1. Cool example of using FastScripts!

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