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New Xbox Experience and Rivet: Good to Go

RivetGood news everybody! Preliminary testing shows that the current version of Rivet works with the New Xbox Experience (NXE) update that came out this morning. All of the files I've attempted to play so far have played correctly. I haven't tried every file type yet, but I've tested all the most likely ones without a hiccup.

One important note: you will have to download the media pack again to play some file types. I ran into this the first time I tried to play an xvid file, for example. Fortunately, Microsoft made it really painless. The first time you try to play a file that requires the media pack, your Xbox present an error dialog telling you the update is needed and you're taken right to the download from Xbox Live. You'll be told you've already downloaded it, but download it again to your hard drive and you'll be good to go.

Brad and I have a feeling that we may be able to add a few heavily requested features to Rivet as well. We won't say what they are at this time (as we've not had any time to test beyond the basics), but we'll be exploring the possibilities and hopefully we'll be able to add a couple cool new things.

So download the NXE with confidence: Rivet should work beautifully.

3 Responses to "New Xbox Experience and Rivet: Good to Go"

  1. If you guys need some help testing new features, I'd be happy to oblige. I have plenty of free time on my hands right now. 😥

  2. I can verify, works great for me on the new NXE.

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