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Do You Have a Blog?

Just curious. And for the sake of the question, interpret "recently" however you'd like in order to answer the question in the manner you feel is best.


P.S. I voted yes. 😀

3 Responses to "Do You Have a Blog?"

  1. I have an Asaph blog. It works via a bookmarklet to post small snippets of text or images from anywhere on the web. I don't generally find the inspiration to put up something resembling an actual post, though I am thinking of customizing the code to put together something in between a regular blog and what I have now.

  2. I put "sorta..." - since you don't have a "Not yet, but I intend to." option.

    Since I have hosting and everything else - I'm just too busy with 2 businesses to actually get my own blog set up.

    I hope to have it up before Christmas tho' - need to post my wishlist somewhere 😀


  3. I'm in the "sorta" camp. I don't write nearly often enough. I'd love to write some more if I only felt I had something interesting to write about.