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Not Answering the Phone

My wife has a cell phone. A first-gen iPhone, in fact. She almost always has it with her, except when she's at home, and yet I can never seem to reach her. Optimistically, I'd say 33%. Sometimes it's because she's on another call (she doesn't like to use the hold button), but most often it's because she can't hear her phone ringing in her purse or because she's left it in another room of the house. She won't wear it on her hip, either.

In the interest of saving time by not having to listen to what seems like the inevitable "five rings before voicemail," (at least 67% of the time), perhaps I should start using SlyDial to call her. It calls directly into someone's voicemail. The joke is that now you can avoid any and all human interaction at all, but since most of the calls between us are one-way informational talks that last about thirty seconds (just a bit too big for a text message), SlyDial might work for that. With the iPhone's visual voicemail, she can see it's a message from me and play it when she's not in the middle of traffic or checking out at a store.