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Seeking a Web Developer/Designer

Josh (a friend) and I are currently seeking a web developer (design skills are a plus) for a startup company with photography overtones and tremendous potential.

The position offers no pay, but does offer an ownership stake in the enterprise and fairly loose time requirements. Josh and I are looking at this as a "sweat equity" startup - a method that's worked well for me over the years with Freshly Squeezed Software, Cynical Peak, and other ventures.

At this point we don't care much what language or tools you're interested in using so long as you can justify it to us (though ColdFusion developers may have a tough time of that, heh), and as stated above, "design" skills are a plus, as we're not looking to spread "ownership" beyond more than three people ((But we also have several fairly inexpensive designer friends, too, if we need to pay someone.)). We don't particularly care where you live.

We do feel strongly that the idea behind this enterprise, this company, is quite compelling and that we'll earn our initial "sweat investment" back fairly quickly, with quite a lot of headroom to grow into a full-time operation. We're looking for someone equally as passionate about this project.

If you're interested, please get ahold of me for a quick chat. AIM (or any other chat client - see sidebar) is a plus, with email a close second. Josh and I will share the finer-grained details with a few folks after the Thanksgiving holiday ((We also have an NDA for you - sorry, we'd be stupid not to have one.)).

P.S. Feel free to ask any generic questions in the comments.

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