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Looking for a Good Rails Solution: Forum and Blog

What's the best forum solution written in Ruby on Rails?

The best blog solution?

By "best" I mean a good combination of "fully featured," "robuts/stable," and "extensible/modifiable."

6 Responses to "Looking for a Good Rails Solution: Forum and Blog"

  1. A friend of mine suggested Eldorado. Any others?

  2. We're using Altered Beast for our company forum.

    In terms of blogging, a colleague of mine uses Memphisto for his blog.

  3. I've been quite happy with typo for rails blog software, it's what I use. The code is well commented and manageable, I've had no problems modifying it when needed.

    I haven't used any of the rails based forum software, but I've heard that Opinion, RForum, and El Dorado are pretty good. The first two are used at Pragmatic Programmers and respectively.

  4. Slate looks nice enough. Haven't given it a try but the UI looks similar to some 37Signals apps of which I am a fan.

  5. Mephisto looks good as far as blogging solutions go. I haven't used it, but have looked at it.

  6. I'm the developer of El Dorado, which has a forum, blog, and chat room in one app. It's stable and I use the app for a few sites. The blog is very barebones at this point because I don't have much use for it. I may improve it eventually, but I'd also be happy to take any contributions other may have!