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Scorecard iPhone Icons

Brad and I will soon be pushing out a free iPhone application, a companion to the desktop Scorecard software. Because it's free (and a bit of a trial balloon), we plan to immediately start work on Scorecard 2.0 ((SC2 may or may not use the same icon as 1.0.)), and it's a "companion" application, we wanted to keep the same general icon we're already using on the desktop.

So we came up with several mockups, all featuring varying levels of de-saturation of either the pencil, the scorecard, or both:

Scorecard iPhone Icons

In the end, there was one obvious choice to the three of us ((The third is Geir-Tore Lindsve, our Windows developer.)). Can you guess which one we chose?

6 Responses to "Scorecard iPhone Icons"

  1. The last one? The saturation best fits the iPhone experience. The pencil in an outline form feels odd since it's the tool not the canvas. The second-to-last one fits if the app lets you design your own scorecards, as the wireframe-like feel of the form implies that it's the creatable thing.

  2. Personally, I like the last one the best. All the colors make it seem more exciting. My next choice would be the first one.

  3. I'm thinking the second to last one.

  4. I'm with Jeff. #5, second to last is best.

  5. [quote comment="51311"]I'm with Jeff. #5, second to last is best.[/quote]

    That's the one we chose.

  6. [...] application. You can now download this, for free, from the AppStore here. And we went with the next-to-last icon, [...]