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Aperture Failed Kindergarten: Not a Good Sharer

Missing Images in ApertureIt happened again.

And by "it" I mean that Rivet stopped showing images properly. The screenshot to the right shows the media browser in Pages ((The same browser can be found in Keynote and a few other Apple apps.)). Note that images made after the Cinci Zoo album don't show up. Lovely.The total PITA ((Pain in the Ass)) solution? Delete the previews, then update the previews. I have no idea why this works or why this is required, but it seems to be.

This problem has existed for quite some time, it seems, and yet Apple seems oblivious to it. I'll email a few people and see if I might be able to create a good bug report.

In the meantime, just beware.

P.S. Toggling iLife support on and off didn't work. Deleting the XML file before, during, or after doing that didn't work. Rebuilding the library didn't work. The only thing that's worked - then and now - is deleting previews and then rebuilding them.