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Scorecard 1.5.1, iPhone 1.0 Now Available

Scorecard IconScorecard 1.5.1 for Mac OS X and Windows is now available. Download demo copies or updates at

The biggest feature in this release is syncing with a companion iPhone (and iPod Touch) application. You can now download this, for free, from the AppStore here. And we went with the next-to-last icon, btw.

P.S. Nice to see you can always count on the jerks to lack common decency. We already have a comment decrying the need for this app to be used with the ($30) desktop app. This is a free companion application.

One Response to "Scorecard 1.5.1, iPhone 1.0 Now Available"

  1. The app store jerks just need to be ignored. I'll be going through a similar thing for a companion app we've been working on. You just gotta hope that the people who use the app and see the huge value it adds to the desktop app can outweigh the reactionary people in the reviews :p