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Office Finally Done

When we moved into this house back at the end of May 2005, the one thing we knew was that we'd be painting virtually every room and taking down every bit of wallpaper.

We started in one bedroom, painting it a bright green. Next we painted the master suite: bathroom and bedroom. Then we moved on to the kitchen (sagey green), the bathroom downstairs (earthy brown), the living room (beige with one darker accent wall), the upstairs bathroom (Pepto-Bismol pink), and finally the downstairs playroom/craft room.

This past Saturday and Sunday Carey and I painted the last room that still had wallpaper or a wallpaper border (one I'd ripped intentionally within a few months of moving in): my office. Aside from the downstairs foyer, stairs, and upstairs hallway it was also the last room to be "painted" white.

The carpet, which is not great but which works fine, is a tight crop consisting mostly of greys and blues. It might even have little flecks of brown/orange/red in it. The wood throughout the house is a medium brown with a reddish tint, and my office furniture is silver and medium brown with a bit more orange/red in the mix.

So naturally we went with blue - it's complementary to oranges and looks good with silver. It matched the carpet and the furniture. It also matched the colors in my 1984 poster ((Technically the 1984/2004 poster in which the hammer-throwing model is wearing an iPod.)).

The curtains I was unsure about in the store, but look great hung. They're mostly reddish, but they're shiny enough that they look orange when the light hits them. Previously the windows were covered with two dull grey blinds. Blech.

So here it is. I took a bunch of shots and this one, at +2 EC, turned out best. I brushed in a little bit through the windows from an image exposed at -2 EC, which accounts for the slightly weird look ((It almost looks like they're frosting up, but they're not. I just didn't care to spend much time fine-tuning the mask in Photoshop.))

Office Post Painting

P.S. Yes, that's an eMate 300 on the shelf. And SoundSticks on my desk. And an original Firewire iSight. And a can of Coke. And a Umax Astra 6400 Firewire scanner.

6 Responses to "Office Finally Done"

  1. I am envious of your iBook poster.

  2. [quote comment="51707"]I am envious of your iBook poster.[/quote]

    Thanks. Picked it up at one of the Macworlds in New York. The year they were introduced, in fact. My friend and I both commented after meeting up after the Keynote that they looked like toilet seats. I would later end up owning a grey model, and selling it on eBay. Not a bad little machine - and the orange complements the walls nicely. 🙂

    1. Of course, if I were to be truly envious, I'd have to include the monitor. I've gotten used to a small MacBook screen, but it isn't even as big as my original iMac G5.

      The iSight too- snapping right on the little magnet embedded in the monitor, just like my iMac.

  3. Ah, UMAX. Did they ever make anything under 10 kg? 🙂

    Looking good.

  4. Hey, I can see the floor! 😀

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