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Chocolate Covered Cherries

By far, one of my favorite things about the holidays are chocolate covered cherries. And peppermint ice cream, but less so.

For $0.99, you can pick up some truly awful chocolate covered cherries, but even those are good in limited quantities. The really good ones you pay for, naturally.

I have but one question, though: why are chocolate covered cherries a holiday treat? I know you could probably find them at chocolate stores year-round, but you certainly won't find them sitting out year-round at the stores that carry them during the holidays.

One Response to "Chocolate Covered Cherries"

  1. Completely unrelated, but I had to post this somewhere…

    "If I were 60 years younger, I would make love to you."

    The words of [grandpa's name], my grandfather who is a few days away from his 98th birthday, to my cousin's girlfriend. Gotta love the holidays!