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Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Code

Anyone else out there have Animal Crossing: City Folk? I'm looking to add some friends.

I'll post my friend code as soon as my wife gets off the game. She's already logged about 10 hours (with assistance from the gift's recipient). ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: Here it is. Don't you just love my little Apple shirt? Oh, and the town name? QTVille. Wife and kiddo picked it…

Animal Crossing Friend Code

46 Responses to "Animal Crossing: City Folk Friend Code"

  1. I'm 3652-4873-5887. Even if we don't connect directly, I think this will speed the flow of fruits and such.

  2. Hey, I'm: 5198-6738-3096
    Ckmpletely bored, so add me~รขโ„ขยช.

  3. Feel free to add me Erik (& Carl/Sahara)

    Chris from Gerbtown: 3523-6429-3200

    You may also want to check out

  4. Name Lesa
    Town Dorkvill ๐Ÿ˜•
    FC 4683-2578-6217

    1. Lesa I added you!

      Name: Stormie
      Town: Danville
      FC: 2492-8652-0577



      We have apples

      Let me know when you have added me/us

    2. I am very new to Wii in general I am trying for the first time in my life to play a video game and i am 50 years old. whew is is hard for me. I tried to enter your your sity code to trade fruit and visit but i am having problems. my friend code is 2707-6219-8642 i live in 59 fifty my name is kathy if you can help me i'd appriciate it. kathyastallings

  5. Add me! 4855-0892-8439

    Town: Gnarnia

    1. I am a stay at home mom and I am having fun playing Animal Crossing. I am needing some different fruits to plant. My hometown fruit it Oranges. My name is MOM, my town is Pittcity, and my friend code is 0431-2825-6768.

      Please add me to your list.

      Thank you,


  6. Hey ascmon I added u. My name is Brittany and my city is fairview. Apples are my fruit and my friend code is 4468-4476-2811 u should add me ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Please add me!





  8. Here's my info:

    Name: Kate
    Town: Hallburg
    Code: 2364-0185-5573

    I have apples.

  9. I'm adding all of you! Can you guys add me. None of my friends have Animal Crossing.

    Stormie in Danville

    1. Kathy
      Town is 59 FIFTY

  10. 3180-0642-8102
    Name: Bill
    Town: Malta
    I Have apples currently. All all welcome to add me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    shoot us an email @

  11. Hi,
    My name is SuperVee
    Town: Fartown
    code: 2750-5672-1832
    Fruit: Peaches

  12. hey guys well its pretty boring on animal crossing without friends so add me


    fyi im not realy gay my friend named it but add me and we can have fun

  13. Feel free to add me.
    Name: Adam
    Town: Paradise
    Code: 2278-1099-3186

  14. Add me.
    Name: Alej
    Town: Springs
    Code: 2621-7193-5364

  15. I've added everyone (just now). Everyone, please scroll all the way up and look at the image. Add me too.

    Name: Erik
    Code: 5155-7232-3043
    Town: QTVille
    Fruit: Apples

    Please don't post anything here except for your info. Trust that everyone will add you, and you can check back and add others. We don't need a bunch of "I added you!" posts.

  16. Please add me! THis is too fun!

  17. Hey! looking for some friends to trade fruits/fish with!

    friend code: 3867-2361-5242
    name: MagMom
    town: Zoobilee
    fruit: Peaches!

  18. Name: Lisa
    Town: Haven
    Fruit: Apples/Oranges/please don't pick the money trees-thankU
    Code: 455441927672

    Gates open. Come visit.

  19. Ah, why not. My g/f could use some visitors in London (no, not England, though I guess it'd be neato).


    I'll add some of you guys on this page, just - uh - well, I guess it'll be hard to msg. here! I'll keep the gate open and she may be in for a surprise next time she plays. =D

  20. Hey I just got animal crossing and I need some friends. Will anyone add me? Town- boogler
    Code- 395316023408
    Fruit- pears

    Thank you!

  21. Lisa's hubbie. We've added most of you. Here's my code, if & when she's not on.....

    Name: Bubba
    Town: Haven
    Fruit: Apples/Oranges/please don't pick the money trees-thankU
    F/C: 2063-3308-9468

  22. :mrgreen: I need friends to. I love the game but want to visit others & have them visit me too.

    FC: 4253-7729-4709
    Town: Rok Fall
    Name: Rebel
    Fruit: Oranges (need some new fruit)

    Add me.....I'm gonna add everyone later today after work.

    1. Please add to your friend list

      Name Kirsten
      Town ashswood
      Fruit cherry
      Friend code 1290-2854-5938

  23. Hi everyone!

    We've added most of you here is our information:
    Name: Richie
    Town: Gabville
    Fruit: Pears
    F/C: 2492-8702-7203

    Name: Mommy (not very original)
    Town: Gabville
    Fruit: Pears
    F/C: 4210-8574-2847

    Our gates are open now!!

    Thanks! Cant wait to meet up!

  24. i need some friends to add
    name: badandy
    town: naudia
    friend code: 3996-1108-2584

  25. Please add our family

    # 2707-6115-1967
    Town WindyGap

    Name: Chris
    Town: WindyGap

    We have oranges!

  26. My wife has created her friend code now.

    Name: Carey
    Town: QTVille
    Code: 2449-9231-9222
    Fruit: Apples (and maybe peaches if the sapling survives).

    I've added everyone and she'll add a bunch of people tomorrow.

    Again, to everyone, please make sure you've added me - my info is at the top in the image. Same town name as my wife, of course.

  27. Hi, we added you, please add us!


    fc: 1462-0502-8097

    town name stanton

    name Charlie

  28. i have added everyone can you please add me as a friend

    my code is 5241-6533-8001

    my name is kelly

    my town name is board

    my gate is open see you soon

  29. I'm 4425-6065-8875 and my town is Tokyo....Please add me!!!

  30. I need some friends to add, please add me:

    Name: Janet
    Town: Jackson
    Code: 0474-2403-0377

    My town fruit is peach.


  31. could some of you maybe add my daughter

    i added Stormie from Danville
    my pears have grown and cherries in a few days

  32. please add my family

    Town: Heaven
    Name: Bobette
    Fruit :cherry
    My gates are open


    1. My kids have started playing Animal Crossing with us. So please add us to your friends list.

      Town: Heaven
      Name: Bobette
      Friend Code: 4296-7443-6866

      Name: Erin
      Friend Code: 0479-2413-9116

      Name: Dad
      Friend Code: 0989-6268-9472

      Name: Jake
      Friend Code: 1805-6815-2182

      Fruit: Cherry and Coconuts

  33. Hi,
    I have added a bunch of you as friends. I assume you need our friend code in order for us to visit?


    Hope this works!

  34. I added your daughter, mine is,


  35. Friend Code 2879-3958-3754

    Town Gamakey

    We need friends!!!

  36. We would like to join in on your community. Our friend codes are as follows:

    Name: billyboy
    Town: Wetown
    Friend Code: 4511-4882-8798

  37. Please add me to your community. I need much more fruit than
    oranges, pears, and coconuts.

    Name: Sanny
    Town: Wetown
    Friend Code: 0560-1183-4847

    My husband (billyboy) and I bought the game at Christmas time and just love it. I'm not much for gaming but this is so addicting.

  38. please add my daughter also, her name is kayla

    fc 0302-4104-2774

  39. please add us



    We have pears! I will add everyone in the morning.

  40. OK guys, here are the rules.

    1. I'm closing the comments. We have plenty of friends.
    2. If you've not added everyone here, please do so now.
    3. If in two weeks or so you haven't added everyone, I'll delete your comment.

    With 45 people listed here, we should be okay. I'm going to add everyone within the next day or so. Please do the same.