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Sign That Banks are In Trouble

Literally a sign! I took this picture at my local bank, a National City branch on 26th Street. We were there to close out a mortgage line (we're consolidating) and noticed this sign. National City was recently bought out by PNC - the final approvals just occurred, as far as I know, and many of the local branches will have to shut down. Frankly, we don't mind so much as customers simply because our nearest branch will likely be the PNC on Interchange Road.

Anyway, the quote is particularly… I don't know… appropriate?

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Great attitude!

Bank Sign

5 Responses to "Sign That Banks are In Trouble"

  1. From the looks of the poured concrete ceiling in your photo, I'm guessing this is the old Security Peoples Trust located near West 26th St. and Zuck Roads in Erie. Am I guessing correctly? If so, I helped build that building way back before the wheel. Could it be this bank is now a National City Bank which was just bought up by PNC Bank and is now on the chopping block? The building would make one hell of a bomb shelter, that's for sure. :mrgreen:

  2. [quote comment="51877"]Could it be this bank is now a National City Bank which was just bought up by PNC Bank and is now on the chopping block?[/quote]

    That's the building. I don't know if this particular branch is potentially closing or what - it seems to be used often enough - but I'm glad (I think) that PNC bought out National City.

  3. If this bank stands in strong in this "moment of challenge" then it is "measuring up"

    The quote seems kind of awful if you read it as being directed at YOU... but if you read it as being directed towards the bank (replace "a man" with "a bank") then it just seems like trying to make lemonade out of a crappy time to be a bank. 🙂 nothing wrong with that.

  4. [...] sold off as required under the agreement with the U.S. Justice Department.  Local blogger Eric got a picture from one local National City bank which illustrates the current [...]

  5. There's a PNC a half mile from that one, I'm sure it'll close.