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New Desktops, New (Photo)Blogger Friends

Following yesterday's post, I've resolved to do the third option: "limited edition" type releases in very small number. I'll post three desktops (most months) on the first day of each month. They'll be available that month and that month alone.

For January, I've posted six - the "best of," if you will so that everyone has one last chance to get them. Click Desktops above or, well, right there.

Come February 1, they'll be gone, and three new desktops will take their place.

I'm also happy to announced that two pals are starting their ventures into blogging and photography.

Alan Olson is blogging, for now, at He'll probably move onto a self-installed WordPress site as soon as he can find a domain name he likes.

Steve Levick, formerly of the Photo Battle Blog, registered his domain name in roughly 1973, but is now up and running somewhat. He has a blog at and a photoblog at

Stop by, add their RSS feeds to your feed reader ((Cyndicate, right?)), and visit them frequently. They'll appreciate it.