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JPG Mag Closing Doors

JPG Magazine is closing its doors. The website isn't even going to last a week - it closes January 5, 2008.

The last issue I got was issue 19. I'm a paid subscriber through issue 31. Neither the website nor the form letter I got tells me that I'm going to be reimbursed for my subscriptions. Here's to hoping that's just because it's so early.

I just renewed for another year on December 24. I received a gift subscription, which I gave to a pal named Dan. He gave me an iTunes Gift Certificate to say thanks. Fortunately I've not yet spent it, and I'll talk with Dan to see how I might make things right with him.

Of course, we'd both rather have the magazine than our money back, but that's not happening. I'll give JPG time to figure out how it's going to reimburse everyone, too.

3 Responses to "JPG Mag Closing Doors"

  1. I'm sure you already have them but here's a link to download every issue in PDF format.

  2. Yeah, I'd manually downloaded everything myself shortly after the announcement and before everyone made torrents and zips. But to anyone else, by all means, grab that file.

  3. [...] of a special to buy a year (now four issues) for $6 with four issues added free, but I was already paid up through issue 31. Fortunately, my account status says I have 20 issues left, so that seems to be [...]