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Renewed the Driver’s License

I've just renewed my driver's license online. I guess I'll get a "camera card" in the mail eventually, will take that to the DMV, and they'll give me a license. And only $26!

I got my last license in 2005 around my birthday. Licenses in PA expire the day after your birthday (March 23, so, March 24, 2009 for the current one) and not long after I got that PA license, I moved. So for years I've been carrying around a dumb yellow piece of paper that has my "corrected" address because PA doesn't want to print and give you a second license, I guess. In other words, my actual license has had the address of the apartment I lived in for a few months when I first moved back to PA.


I also renewed my two kayak registrations online. Double-blerg. $18 + $2 apiece. The boat registration renewal form didn't like when I put "0" in for the amount I wanted to donate to two charities. The form wouldn't work until I left the two fields blank.

Speaking of license renewals… when I lived in Florida, your license was good for seven years and you could renew online without getting a new picture. That means your picture could be 13 years out of date by the end of your second license. Wow.

3 Responses to "Renewed the Driver’s License"

  1. 7 years is nothing. My AZ drivers license doesn't expire until I'm 65. Last time I did my license and updated the picture was in 2001 when I moved into my current place.

  2. I have the 40 year Arizona drivers license. I got my picture when I was 21 and people don't believe it's me.

  3. I'm in AZ too, what's also funny is we're only 'supposed' to update our photo every 8 years