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Two Annoying Time Machine Habits

  1. On My PowerMacBook Pro, when I wake it up, it takes a little while to grab the 802.11n connection from the Time Capsule that serves as its base station and its place of backup. Unfortunately, in the ten seconds acquisition takes, Time Machine tries - and fails - to start a backup. Why can't it just wait? If I don't manually start it, the thing rarely gets a backup in because I don't use it long enough for the next attempt.
  2. On my desktop (Mac Pro), I back up to another internal disk. Occasionally a file will be modified while backing up (most often likely my Entourage database), and Time Machine will put up a dialog alerting me to the problem. The issue I have with this is that even four or ten successful backups later, the dialog is still there. The dialog might appear at 9pm one evening and, when I sit down at 9am the next morning, I'll see a dialog about a problem that happened 11 backup cycles ago.

One Response to "Two Annoying Time Machine Habits"

  1. The second one gets me, too. I recently realized that the backups continue to occur, thankfully.

    The "Use this disk?" dialog box is incredibly annoying, too. I'm always afraid I might click "Yes" when I'm working on someone else's machine with an external hard drive.