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My Current Personal Spiritual System

I just found this today, and it reminded me that I've wanted to get this post out for awhile now. But first, 8:00 of your time.

My current theory goes something like this.

There are 10 ((A completely arbitrary number.)) "Life Lessons." They're things like ((Also completely arbitrary - I have no idea what the 'lessons' might be.)) "True Love" and "Humility" and "Sacrifice" and so on.

Throughout a human's life, we might learn some of these lessons. Perhaps we forget a few. Either way, when we die, our "soul" ((For lack of a better word.)) transitions to a "holding tank" of sorts. It hangs out with the other souls, then is placed inside a baby when it's born.

This baby already "knows" some of the "Life Lessons" because their soul knows them. The baby already possesses certain traits and knowledge.

Once a "soul" had learned all 10 ((ref:1)) Lessons, that soul would "retire" to a place with the other "enlightened" souls. They'd hang out, but I don't really know if they'd even have anything to discuss since they'd really have nothing to gain from one another.

This explains a lot to me, and it's currently my own little "pet theory." It explains to me why some people don't seem to have a fucking clue while others always seem to have a certain understanding of some things. It explains to me that people can have life-changing epiphanies - moments where they truly come to understand another of these Life Lessons - and it explains how they can have moments of crisis, perhaps when they forget a lesson previously learned.

In short, this little theory explains the world to me. It says that we should all strive to be good people, to better ourselves and those around us, and that we'll "live on" through our soul. It explains why people are so different: some are Nines, some are Zeros, and most are Fours or Fives, but with different Lesson knowledge.

I've always felt that there's more to life than "humans are a sack of chemicals," but I've never cared for the "God" thing. God doesn't explain war to me. God doesn't explain bad people. I've asked a lot of intelligent and religious people how they explain "evil" and nobody's been able to give me a reason that makes sense to me.

I also don't quite get the whole "forgiveness" and "Heaven/Hell" thing. In some variations of Christianity, a horrible human can make it to heaven if they accept Jesus/God into their hearts upon their deathbed. Yet someone who practices the wrong form of religion is going to Hell? Huh? I realize that's a human thing, again but what kind of God wants people to believe these kinds of things? These aren't "evil" people, but clearly these aren't "good" thoughts. I don't think I can believe in a God who would punish me for trying to find my own personal spiritual truth.

If I was all-good, all-knowing, and all-powerful - if I was "God" - what would be the point? Why would I create people to begin with? Why create anything? "Boredom" hardly seems like a valid reason?

My theory, without a doubt, has some holes in it. I'm uncertain whether it even matters if there's a place for "enlightened souls" to hang out. Similar to my lack of understanding re: God's creation of people, what point would there be in hanging out with the other enlightened souls? Perhaps human souls are flawed in that nobody can ever be "perfect" and know all 10 ((ref:1)) Life Lessons. Maybe there are a few Nines out there, but no soul ever gets to 10.

I've been told my theory is awfully similar to Buddhism, and I suppose it is except that I don't think we can be reincarned as a badger, worm, horse, trout, or anything else. We're humans, and we're unique. Perhaps badgers, worms, horses, trout, and every other living organism has its own variation of "souls" and "Life Lessons," but I don't see it. Animals, unlike humans, seem far more governed by instinct than true "thought." ((Or perhaps this is simply a rationalization that lets me eat steak, chicken, pork, fish, and other animals.))

That's my theory, and until something comes along to shake that theory - something I actively seek - I'm stickin' to it.

P.S. I have absolutely no plans to discuss anything with anyone in the comments. If I know you, I'm more than happy to talk to you on the phone or even in IM, but I have the feeling it'll be a waste of time to engage in a discussion in comments.

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