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I didn't watch the inauguration today, and I was surprised at how many people did.

I love to watch history in the making, but history in this case was made back in November, not today. Today was but a formality.

3 Responses to "Inauguration"

  1. yeah, the inauguration ceremony doesn't even have to happen at all.

    The constitution says that the president-elect becomes president at noon. Nothing has to be done.. it's all automatic once the clock reaches the right time.

  2. Yeah, but the moment, the history was made by the entire collective experience...the crowd who gathered, brimming with a particularly stratospheric level of passion for this particular president...what he signifies, what he may be able to do, what he portends for our troubled country.

    I was born when Eisenhower was president, Erik, and I've never, ever seen this much transformative emotion. It's as if we've finally taken a step out of the evolutionary ooze. Obama's speech was a clarion call to service and a vivid reminder of what we respresent as a nation in this world.

    And watching it in HD was just icing on the cake. You missed out. If you get a chance to see some of it (and the more long-form, the better), I highly recommend it.

    1. [quote comment="52384"]I was born when Eisenhower was president, Erik, and I've never, ever seen this much transformative emotion.[/quote]

      That's your opinion, and the opinion of about 54% of others.

      I, and the roughly 46% of other people in the country, don't feel nearly as hopeful as you seem to. Don't get me wrong - I'm glad Bush is gone - but I'm a political skeptic and I've heard all this "change" talk before. "Change" is the talk every time we elect a new President. We're always promised change. We'll see.

      People got on Bush for his "for us or against us" mentality - rightfully so - but the whole "unity" thing Obama's going on smells eerily similar. If I disagree with his position on something, what, the Obama-ites are gonna tell me I'm not being American and that I should support our President in the name of unity? Sounds awfully familiar…

      In short, I don't get my hopes up, but it'll be quite awhile (years) before I make any judgment, either. Again, I'm skeptical, but neutral.