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Numbers: 6, 9, 18, 5, and So on

On microwaves, I prefer multiples of 9. I'll type "63" seconds instead of 1 minute. If I need to stop something, I try to do so at a multiple of 9.

Golf is a game played over 9 or 18 holes (or multiples thereof), so it's all good - multiples of both 9 and, for 18-hole rounds, 6 too.

When I have to set an alarm clock, I set the minutes to a multiple of 9. :27 is my favorite (for :30, because 36 is too late).

Baseball has nine innings. 27 batters come to the plate in a perfect game. Innings require 6 outs.

In iTunes, with Synergy, there are 16 levels available. I almost always decrease volume to 12/16 or 8/16. Occasionally I use 2/16, but that's because 4/16 is still too loud for background music. I never use odd numbers.

I like multiples of five on my A/V receiver. 45 is the typical volume, but 40 and 35 are acceptable… unless I feel like using 36, which is also a multiple of both 6 and 9. Same with my VW car stereo: the only acceptable volumes are 10, 15, or 20. My Aztek groups volumes into threes with little tick marks, so a partially filled tick mark isn't acceptable.

Andy Van Slyke wore #18 for the Pirates. I wonder how much that led to him being my favorite baseball player. I wear #18 for my hockey team, currently, and Mario Lemieux and I shared #66 - he for the Penguins, of course, and me on my college hockey team.

I almost always stick to full f-stops in photography, despite enabling 1/3 stops instead of 1/2 - the latter would save me some clicking around. No idea why.

I wonder if there are others I can't think of. I don't particularly care what number golf ball I play.

I don't truly care about any of these things, and I'm a long way from demanding them, but I definitely prefer them.

3 Responses to "Numbers: 6, 9, 18, 5, and So on"

  1. I do the car stereo thing:

    The rest are weird. 🙂

  2. I prefer even numbers on the car stereo, and it bothers me that on the highway, the most comfortable volume is usually 13.

    On the home theater, if I'm close to 42 I prefer it.

  3. Often times when I look at words, I see how you could rewrite them to be phonetically correct but using even numbers of letters. It's weird, I know.