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Couldn’t Care Less: T-Shirt Hell Closes

I really couldn't care less that T-Shirt Hell is closing. In my opinion, their shirts weren't so much funny as they were shocking. While I think an occasional shock is good, on the whole, the shirts did more to encourage negative vibes than positive ones, and it's for that reason that I never bought a shirt from them.

I also didn't care enough one way or the other that the site existed. I sure as heck didn't care enough to write them an email. And, again, I don't care that they're closing. So be it.

So why post if I don't care? Let's just say I'm surprised at the number of people who are dismayed at the closing. Some people seemed to find a lot of the shirts genuinely funny… and that's scary in and of itself.

P.S. Something that will also appeal to geeks, but in an entirely positive way:

3 Responses to "Couldn’t Care Less: T-Shirt Hell Closes"

  1. I loved t-shirt hell for it’s sick and twisted sense of humor, the type of people who didn’t get Tshirt Hell’s brand of satire are probably the same kind of comically brain-dead uppity fucks who screamed “THAT’S RACIST!” at Wonder Showzen (one of the only GOOD shows to ever come out of MTV). “It’s Not Gay, If You Beat Them Up Afterwards” this joke actually takes a little thought on your part. See, it’s a stab at all those sexually repressed closeted hicktown churchie fucks who end up playing around with another person of their own gender and then murdering or brutalizing the person they did stuff with to get rid of the evidence/witness. Do you get it NOW? The shirts were never ENCOURAGING or ENDORSING the actions they described, they were MAKING FUN OF THEM (Kinda like how Wonder Showzen made fun of everyone, from Jews, to Xtians, to Blacks, to sister-fucking, wife-beating, meth-cooking Rednecks).
    T-Shirts Hell will be missed, just as I still miss the original incarnation of / before they turned into a pussy ass Emo/Horror Movie shirt site, probably cuz some christfag complained that their stuff was “too controversial.” Atleast I got my "Partnership for a God-Free America" and "Jesus Hates You" shirts BEFORE they lost their balls.

  2. Good riddance to Aaron Landau Schwarz and his unfunny, pathetic excuse for a website. The only bad thing about T-Shirt Hell's demise is that it didn't happen a lot sooner.

  3. Hate to see T-shirt hell go. They always made me laugh. has some edgy material like this, but the designs aren't near as good.