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Canon’s TC-80N3 Timer Remote

Canon's TC-80N3 is a "Timer Remote Controller" with four features, all of which can be used in any combination: alone or with any two, three, or four settings combined.

The features are:

  1. Self Timer - Delay before taking an image.
  2. Interval Timer - Delay between images.
  3. Long Exposure Timer - Set the shutter speed for long exposures accurately.
  4. Exposure Count - Choose between 1 and 99 images.

Each of the timer modes can be set for anywhere between 1 second and 99:59:59.

The controls are, as you can see, quite minimal. A mode button, a start/stop button, a backlight button, a wheel, and a shutter button. I'm looking forward to using it.

Perhaps most interesting… there's no on/off button. Once you put the battery in - which, admittedly, is supposed to last for over two years - the remote displays information on the LED. It doesn't turn off. You can't hold down the start/stop button to turn off. You can take the battery out ((And even then, the display remains lit for a minute or two.)), but then you're likely to lose the battery.

This is a puzzling design decision by Canon. On/off switches don't fail with regularity and they're awfully simple and inexpensive. Why doesn't this thing have one? I'm okay with Canon's battery life decision, but wouldn't on/off functionality eliminate accidental button presses when the remote's being jostled around in the bag? Will I have to check all four modes every time I use it for fear something's been changed in one of the modes I'm not using at that moment? ((It's also mildly unnerving to pull something like a remote out of your bag and to have it ON.))

I'm not particularly bothered by the lack of on/off states… but it is interesting to me.

2 Responses to "Canon’s TC-80N3 Timer Remote"

  1. It's too bad, that as with most things Canon, this timer remote is so expensive.

    It reminds me of how absurd I thought the pricing of the Canon OC-E3 off camera shoe cord is. But of course, if you want the best (and nice a chinese knock-off), then you better pony up.

    Gadget Infinity has a pretty decent looking timer remote for $39.95. It may or may not be worth the risk to you. The design looks strikingly similar huh?

    I have picked up a few things from GI, and while cheap and of course, cheaply made, I've had pretty decent results.

  2. i take the battery out and turn it upside down and reinsert it when I want to turn it off. Though I still wish it had an on/off switch even if the battery lasts a long time.