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V Day


Carey and I don't. We both think it's an over-sensationalized, over-commercialized holiday. We don't think you should need a calendar to remind you to love someone ((And no, I'm not saying that those who do something for VDay do.)) We do things with/for the kiddo, though. That's different, somehow.

5 Responses to "V Day"

  1. We do, though this is the first year where we actually didn't buy each other things (cards or presents).

    My wife made me heart shaped toast for breakfast and later in the day made two heart shaped sponge cakes (which where yummy as heck, go butter icing).

    Me & the kids made some paper hearts onto which we stuck photos from the last 7 years of our lives, either chosen by me or by my 3.5yo son.

    It has become over-commercialized, though I do think its good to take a day out to actively remember your relationship, the past and to think about the future. I hope for us in years to come we continue to just do creative things for each other on Val's day.

    Our old way of doing things was that every year one person would cook a meal & the other would buy a present, swapping who was who every year.

  2. I don't watch TV, so I miss most of the ads and such, and I always make my own cards... so I guess it's just not all that commercial for me 🙂

  3. Yes. Gives us a reason to go out and have a nice dinner. 🙂

    Some Filet and Malbec...mmmmm. Very good.

  4. My wife got flowers from me. We went to Friday the 13th after. A fair exchange. 😎

  5. I agree with you totally.

    I have a constant argument with several people who assume that VDay is such a great day in every couples' life.

    So, do we wait till Feb 14 every year to say "I love you" ?