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Rivet 2.0.1 Now Available

RivetLot of stuff here for an x.x.x release, but here goes:

  • Added support for mt2s and vob files on the PS3.
  • Added French localization. Thanks to Eric Morand for the translations.
  • Fixed ordering of playlists and albums on the PS3.
  • Fixed the display when showing only unplayed podcasts.
  • Fixed an Aperture parsing issue with projects.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Rivet to not start its networking after waking from sleep.
  • Fixed the display of albums having more than one artist, like soundtracks.
  • Reworked UTI handling to improve media parsing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused picture quality to degrade when not viewing jpegs or jpegs at highest quality.
  • Fixed updating of playcounts for video podcasts and movies that are in iTunes
  • Fixed memory leaks and various minor issues.

No big new features, which is why it's a x.x.x only.

The update is free to anyone who has ever bought Rivet, and can be obtained from