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Pay for Internet

How much do you pay for Internet service per month? What kind (cable, DSL, FIOS, etc.) do you have and what speeds do you get?

I pay about $60. I see real-world speeds of 4-8 Mbps from faster sites and my upload is about 700 kbps via Time-Warner/Roadrunner Cable.

17 Responses to "Pay for Internet"

  1. FiOS: $65/month, 20Mbps up and down, real-world numbers. It's nice.

  2. Brighthouse: $65/Month 12Mbps Down/2Mbps up.
    (Central Indiana)

  3. Bell DSL: $45 CAD/month, 4-7mbps, 800kbps up, unlimited up/down
    I don't know how it is in the states, but unlimited bandwidth up here is the important point of the bundle I got. Most ISPs limit anywhere from 60GB-100GB up+down per month.

  4. Rogers Cable: $45 CAD/Month, 8-10mbps down, 800-1,000kbps up.

    Limited bandwidth like Kevin mentioned, 60 GB I think /month, but DSL doesn't work from my home, even though I'm in a fairly old neighborhood.

  5. Time Warner Cable, $36. (I don't have cable TV, just internet.)

  6. Internode SOHO Naked ADSL2+ [Australia]

    Cost: A$73.20/month, inc. $10 of included VoIP calls
    Quota: 25GB/month download, unlimited upload
    Down: 12.7 Mbps [could be higher if I lived closer to the exchange]
    Up: 800kbps [hoping this will get bumped to 1Mbps soon]

    25GB is actually only just starting to become problematic - the TV networks in Oz are screwing up all the schedules for ratings, so go figure what people are doing...sneakernet FTW 😀

  7. ~$45 converted from swedish krona. 50Mbps down 10Mbps up cable (real-world numbers and unlimited). This in Sweden.

  8. ~30 USD/month, 100 Mbps down, 10 up, unlimited. Also Sweden.

  9. $30/month for Clear WiMAX here in Portland, OR.

    3 Mbps down, 1 up. It's slow but it beats paying more than twice that price for Comcast. Also I like the thought of supporting "new" initiatives for far-reaching wireless.

  10. $35 per month via Time-Warner Roadrunner. I'm always wireless (router is in the kid's bedroom) and get about 5 Mbps down and 400 kbps up.

    I wish Verizon FiOS was available here...for internet speeds and also a competitor to Time-Warner for cable.

  11. Comcast, $60. 1.3 MB/sec from major sites like

  12. About $30/month, 12M down, 1M up, Netherlands.

  13. Not entirely sure how it breaks out with AT&T, but we pay aout $225/month for our home phone (metered plan, ask for it), 6Mbps DSL, and cell phone plan with ~450 minutes, two iPhones (one 3G w/ unlimited text and one 2G with 1500 text), and a third regular line that I keep forgetting to cancel.

  14. ~40 USD/Month, TimeWarner. During the late evening and the morning, I'll usually hit around 7 mbit/sec, during the afternoon and early evening, usually around 3 mbit/sec. Never really tested the upstream.

    Really wish FiOS would be around, tired of tethering my iPhone whenever TimeWarner decides to take down the neighborhood for a weekend.

  15. $39.95 1.5mbps down/256kbps up TDS DSL. I am miles from the nearest town, so I should be happy I get any internet at all right?

  16. I pay about $50 for 4Mbps down and 300 kbps up. I feel like I am getting ripped off, but that is literally my only high-speed option.

  17. $30/month, for Comcast's "6Mb/s" but real world it varies wildly from 200Kbps to about 4Mbps. Upload is somewhere between 200 and 400Kbps.