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Mac Mini and Blu-Ray

I know Blu-Ray is currently a big ol' world of hurt. But you know, if the new Mac Mini had a Blu-Ray drive, I'd have bought one instantly ((My friend Josh makes the point that Apple wants you to buy HD movies from them, not on disc - the OS doesn't even support Blu-Ray drives.)).

5 Responses to "Mac Mini and Blu-Ray"

  1. You know, I've been waiting for a long time to buy a mac mini with Blu Ray, and I would've easily thrown down a Grover Cleveland to buy one this Tuesday as well.

    It doesn't look like they are ever going to go that way, but now I'm thinking it might be time to go Dell. Or maybe go PS3 so at least I'm not in a Windows camp.

    Apple is missing the boat here, big time, and really doesn't see the number of folks who were in waiting to put this under out TVs. It would've been nice to watch and store Blu Ray, and have the mini be our multi media hub.

    I'm not going to wait any longer, my 1080p can only show 1080i for soo long.

    Sorry Apple, you've missed your Window of Opportunity!

  2. Yes, I was pondering the same thing, and I wondered, "Why don't the Mac Pro's get Blu-Ray drives?"

    The Blu Ray Disc burner is NOT expensive. A check of New Egg shows they only cost between 150 and 300 bucks.

    You can get an external Blu Ray Burner (LG) for 334.

    Now for the media.

    25 GB x 10 pack (250 GB) = 45 bucks, which is .18 cents a gig.

    But you could put that same data on a single HD.

    Maxtor 250 GB 1 touch = 70 bucks. Ok, not a bargain.

    Seagate 1 TB disk = 120 bucks, which is .12 cents a gig.

    Now I am aware that HDs have the issue of mechanical failure, which BluRay does not.

    To back up my precious stuff, I use a Drobo.

    Cost of a Drobo = 420, a bit more than a Blu-Ray burner.

    Load it with 4 x 1 TB Disks (90 bucks a pop).
    Cost: $360
    Available Storage (under Drobo): 2.7 TB.
    Cost per Gig (not including price of Drobo) = .13 cents a gig, still cheaper than Blu Ray.

    Oh and if your Drobo fails and you lose all the irreplaceable video and images of your kids?

    Then you'll wish you had Blu-Ray. But disks get broken too...

    Which makes us consider Moozy and other offsite storage options....

    1. [quote comment="53133"]Cost of a Drobo = 420, a bit more than a Blu-Ray burner.[/quote]

      I want it just to play back Netflix movies and replace my upscaling DVD player. Couldn't care less about Blu-Ray as a backup device.

  3. I would like an Apple TV with Blue Ray. I don't care how much it costs. It would be worth it to be able to sync my music, photos, video and also play BR discs.

    But, I seriously doubt Apple cares what we think.......

  4. Total bummer 🙁
    I just ended up buying a PS3 after patiently waiting for either the Mac Mini or the iMac to come Blu-Ray equipped. Crossing my fingers the next Mac Pros come equipped- about time to upgrade there soon.
    Shame on you Apple!