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Safari 4 Caching Issues

Safari 4 (beta) seems to have an issue with caching. Once an image (or whatever) fails to load, it never seems to load again until you quit Safari and re-launch it (and perhaps clear the cache - cmd-opt-e).

I've even tried loading up the image directly (it works), then reloading the page that contains it (still shows up as missing). Grrrrr.

Wolf Rentzsch pointed me towards Drew Thaler's post, which contains a Safari bookmarklet to reload broken images.

This will work on a per-page basis. Unfortunately, it works by assigning a parameter to the image (i.e. "blah.png?1") to force Safari into thinking it's a different image than the one it refuses to load. In other words, Safari will still fail to load the original image.

3 Responses to "Safari 4 Caching Issues"

  1. Ooh, I noticed this one the other day. Hope this is fixed before Safari 4.0 is released.

  2. [...] Sadly, it does not fix the caching issues. [...]

  3. Have you found any more info on this? This is a problem for a couple of my clients sites and I need to find a solution. It seems to only effect some sites, wonder if its to do with an ISP side setting...