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Golf Season 2K9

  • I'm at Whispering Woods and Lake View for one more year. Until Whispering Woods gets its range up and running (July 1, supposedly?) Lake View still fulfills a vital role.
  • Carey's decided that, this year, she's re-committing herself to golf. I'm going to do my best to stay out of the way - get her some lessons and let her go from there. Keep things fun.
  • Women's golf is nowhere near as competitive as men's golf, and yet they have the same number of college scholarships available to them (by law).
  • Whispering Woods is going to have a blog. I'm going to help them set it up.
  • This will be the first year I look to take lessons. 2007 was a good year for me, but 2008 was not. My self-taught swing needs another person's eyes to work on something that obviously didn't stick last year.