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An iMovie Failing – Odd Movie Sizes

iMovie fails at something: the ability to work with non-standard sized video.

I've got video that's 720 x 1280 - and that's 720 wide by 1280 tall, as it needs to be rotated 90° - and iMovie can't even begin to handle the video properly.

I've worked around it by just using QuickTime Player, though my "trick" for getting video at 1/4 speed is a bit silly: I have to paste one clip over another clip of all four with the "scale to match" version of paste, then delete the unused video and audio resources to get a clip at about ¼ speed.

2 Responses to "An iMovie Failing – Odd Movie Sizes"

  1. It's golf swings, isn't it.

    1. [quote comment="53501"]It's golf swings, isn't it.[/quote]

      Yeah, of course. 🙂 From the Zi6.