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Honda CR-V Feedback?

Anyone out there own a Honda CR-V? Or a RAV4?

We're due to replace the Aztek this year, and we're considering the CR-V, the RAV4, or other vehicles in that "smaller SUV" class.

14 Responses to "Honda CR-V Feedback?"

  1. I've got a Mitsubishi Outlander, and think it's great. It was quite competitive for the CRV and RAV4, which seem to be overpriced for what they offer.

  2. We have a 06 Rav4 AWD and love it, but the lease is up on it so we are looking for something else.
    I drove a 09 CR-V today its about the same size and the same price. But I think the interior of the RAV4 just looks nicer.

    Just my 2 cents

  3. I know someone who just bought a RAV4, it's much nicer than the CRV IMO (and they got a better deal). It did have a more fit and finish interior and a nicer ride.
    That said, i'm not giving up my Q7 🙂

  4. I'm on my second CRV. My first was a 2000 that was hit and rolled over in 2006. I then bought a used 2004, which I love. I looked at the RAV4, but interior space was less than the CRV.

    I'm not a fan of the current generation of CRV. I think they really redesigned the body to appeal more to chicks. It very much reminds me of the Murano. But I love my 2nd gen CRV and plan to drive it in to the ground.

  5. I would suggest you look at the Mazda CX-7. It will be more fun to drive than either the RAV4 or CR-V.

  6. Consider the Nissan Murano. We love ours. It's comfy and can haul a fair amount of stuff when we need to. We have the 4WD and traction controls and it drives wonderfully in the snow.

  7. You could also consider the Matrix or the Venza from Toyota. The venza is a little more than you're looking at for the CR-V.

    The Matrix is a tiny bit smaller, but when you fold the seats down, it carries a LOT of stuff. It's also cheaper than the CR-V. Just two alternatives.

    I have a 2004 Matrix, which is a little different design than the newer one, and I love it. We're a road trip couple and we never have run out of room in the back.


  8. My GF wanted a RAV-4. I urged to to look at and drive the Hyundai Santa Fe and she immediately liked it more than the RAV-4 and that's what she bought.

  9. We had a Jeep Liberty a few years ago - it was perfect mini-SUV, and have ridden in the new one and it's even better IMO.

  10. From what i've heard, i'd suggest the RAV4 over the CR-V. 🙂

  11. Multiple friends/family have the Saturn Vue and love it - great deals right now. The newer model Liberty is also much improved over the previous.

  12. My mom loves her CR-V. It's a nice car. Not one that I'd choose, but it seems to suit her.

    Ted: I'm sure that the current generation CR-V was designed with women in mind... it has been the #1 SUV for female buyers for a number of years.

    The redesign certainly seems to be popular, though... in 2007 it became the top-selling SUV overall in the North American market, displacing the Explorer (which held that title for 15 yeras)

  13. My wife and I have an '06 RAV4. We looked into the CR-V, Murano, and Santa Fe when we were shopping. If I had only one work for each vehicle, I'd use the following:

    CRV: Spartan

    RAV-4: Substantial

    The CR-V is a nice vehicle, but I appreciate the way the RAV4 design feels more car like on the interior (that is where you spend the most time). The CR-V interior just felt plain and cheaper to me. We were also able to get a more attractive lease with Toyota at the time. I also appreciate the spare tire not being inside the trunk. While some (myself included) debate the aesthetics of the door mounted spare, the logistical tradeoff for trunk space is awesome. I do not like the hatch orientation for the trunk on our RAV, but it is not a deal breaker. We reliably get 26-27MPG in our RAV.

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