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Saturday: Golf, Hockey, and Benjamin Button

Let it be noted that the wife played golf today and thoroughly enjoyed herself. Ha. 🙂

Came home to watch the Pens win a game against the Rangers, Tiger Woods make about 19 bogeys in 18 holes, but also slip in about three or four birdies, to get to second place but well back of Sean O'Hair.

Went to see Benjamin Button in the evening. That's three hours of my life I won't get back.

One Response to "Saturday: Golf, Hockey, and Benjamin Button"

  1. Saw benjamin button last night. Fortunately I slept through most of it. The entire movie seemed maddeningly pointless and devoid of any plot.
    Unfortunately, after sleeping from 10pm->midnight I couldn't get back to sleep and was up until 5am, then up at 7am to go to work. In addition to being a bad movie, this movie ruined my day and my sleep schedule is probably messed up for the whole week. Thank you very much mr this-makes-absolutely-no-sense-old-man-baby movie.