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Men on the LPGA Tour? Wha?

Every once in awhile, someone advances the opinion that since the PGA Tour has no gender rules ((If a woman ever qualified to be a member, there are no rules to prevent it. Women are allowed to receive sponsor exemptions to play in PGA Tour events - that's how Michelle Wie and Annika Sorenstam have played PGA Tour events in recent years.)), the LPGA Tour should ditch their "women only" rule, too.

I never understood how someone could advance such a theory, but those who believe it tend to be bizarrely adamant that they're right.

How can you possibly explain to someone how (insert a synonym for "stupid" of the appropriate strength here) that opinion is? They're clearly missing some massive part of their brain that is responsible for logic, reasoning, and perhaps common sense.</minirant>

7 Responses to "Men on the LPGA Tour? Wha?"

  1. Why is it so off the way, if women play on the PGA tour, why shouldn't men be able to play on the women tour?

    I fully support Wie and Sorenstam playing in the PGA.

    I just don't see why you are so against them dropping the 'L' and making it more of a semi-pro league.

    So you'd have two tier of PGA tour both open to men and women.

    I'd just like to hear why you think its a bad idea.

    1. The PGA Tour (not "the PGA") has a "developmental" tour beneath it already: the Nationwide Tour. Additionally, there are mini-tours as well as tours in other parts of the world that are not as high-level as the PGA Tour.

      I don't mean any offense by this, but your apparent lack of knowledge about some of those types of things makes this a topic you really don't seem qualified to discuss.

  2. Your totally right I don't 'know' the PGA. Never watched it or cared to learn about the differences.

    I was just asking the question of what's the point of the LPGA.

    I haven't seen you explain why they should keep the LPGA.

  3. People who advocate this are only thinking of the injustice of it all. "Why should you be allowed to exclude me from your club, especially when I can't exclude you from mine?"

    On the flip side, of course, is "Why can't I have a club that is restricted to people who are/have [insert criteria here]?"

    There are lots of reasons on both sides, but the solution is not binary. It really depends on the situation.

    In this case, the reason for the L in LPGA is (and I'm WAY outside my limited golf knowledge here) to provide a competitive, pro-level environment for women, not to exclude men because they don't want men in their club.

  4. [quote comment="53680"]I haven't seen you explain why they should keep the LPGA.[/quote]

    The answer should be common sense. Don's close. There's a high-level tour for golfers over the age of 50, too. We have men's and women's events in the Olympics.

  5. So your saying you would be ok with a MPGA?

    1. [quote comment="53709"]So your saying you would be ok with a MPGA?[/quote]