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Simple Blog or Journal

I'm a self-taught golfer to this point, but I've hit a wall or ceiling and this summer I'm looking at taking some lessons.

I'd like to set up a "journal" to house my notes, images, and perhaps some videos. If it's online, great - I can easily share parts with my instructor(s) - but a desktop app might be fine, too.

Any suggestions before I go off and install yet another copy of WordPress? WordPress seems like overkill and too much of a PITA for this kind of project, so I really hope there's a better idea out there.


  • Dated entries
  • Ability to have notes (text), images, video
  • Searchable
  • Moderate to little "maintenance"
  • Some sort of "sharing" capability (even if it's via export and then emailing) would be nice
  • No need for comments, etc.

Any suggestions?

5 Responses to "Simple Blog or Journal"

  1. Have you looked at Tumblr?

    Can set posts private, friends only, public. Different types of post types. Tagging and/or search capability. Plenty of themes.

    Big favorite of mine.

  2. Maybe Posterous? (

    It lets you post by just sending an email.

    I believe it meets all the requirements.

  3. Likely not the best answer but WordPress MU is at version 2.7 and just as easy to set up. The only reason to go this route would be if you plan on repeating this exercise for other projects down the road.

  4. I would agree that Tumblr would be a good choice for this sort of thing. Or if you really wanted to host your own streamlined solution, you could give Habari a spin.