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Driving to Disney World

We're off to Disney World, with a one-day layover in Clearwater to visit Carey's grandmother.

The drive down was uneventful except for two three things.

The first gas station at which we refilled took 20 minutes to dispense 18 gallons of fuel. We'd already eaten in a restaurant (well, if Burger King counts as a restaurant), so the added penalty of waiting 20 minutes for gas was more than a pain. I've never seen a gas pump so slow. I even tried re-setting it a few times.

Then the traffic in Georgia became an issue. At 1am, three lanes became one so that about six workers could "work" on about 100 feet of road. Traffic was at a near standstill for five miles if "near standstill == 5 miles in 90 minutes."

Needless to say, our GPS estimated arrival time of 3:30am turned into 7:00am by the end of the drive. My mother-in-law drove the last four hours, at least.

The third thing: the car had an electrical/software issue. The ABS and Differential systems gave errors. I drove on through them because the car was behaving fine and I'd just had the car in for its 40,000 mile service. When we took it in the next day (Saturday) for service at a Clearwater VW dealer, they said the upgraded the software and the errors should be gone, but they returned on the way home. Looks like I'll be taking it in again. If there was a knock on the Touareg, it was that sometimes the electrical or software systems acted up. Ours has been fine for nearly four years, so if they can solve this one on the second pass, I'm not writing it up as a big deal.

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