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Disney Vacation Day 3: Epcot Lights

The Epcot light show is one of the few things I remember from my visit to Disney World when I was six years old.

Back then, the light show was more about lights than fireworks. I remember lasers playing a heavy role, drawing things in the sky and flashing about through most of the show. The modern Epcot light show is more about fireworks than lasers - which is fine, I suppose.

We'd arrived an hour before the start of the show and had a seat right up front. We took up as little room as possible for two adults and a stroller, but just as the show began, a girl of about age eight squirmed her way up from several rows back ((We hadn't seen her when talking to the people around us pre-show, so we assume it was several rows back.)) and wedged herself between Carey and myself. Carey told her to move to the side, where she proceeded to annoy our kid by repeatedly bumping her. Eventually she left and, we imagine, went back to her parents. Likely the same parents who allowed her or even told her to push forward to begin with… nice.

Obviously quite a bit more happened throughout the day - but I'm not going to bother to re-cap everything. This is my blog, after all, and not a family vacation diary. I'm sharing the girl story as much to remind myself (and others) to be courteous as anything, and because I am constantly amazed at some of the examples of poor parenting I occasionally see. See yesterday's post for another shining example. 🙂