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Disney Vacation Day 5: Feet and Planning

My feet and legs have stopped complaining. Though I was never in even a moderate amount of pain, I did notice mild discomfort from all the walking we were doing. They've given up complaining even a little at this point.

I will use this otherwise waste-of-a-post to point out that Carey did a great thing in buying the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World prior to our trip. Along with the accompanying website,, we were able to see everything in Walt Disney World that we wanted to see and with minimal fuss and bother.

Some days we had finished our "morning" plan - going on/in 15-20 rides and attractions - in two hours! The longest we waited to ride any attraction was 30 minutes for the packed (to us) Toy Story ride, but we'd gone to Hollywood Studios on a lark that night and didn't have a plan.

The site lets you build a plan for all sorts of setups: parents riding adult rides with small children, children of mixed ages (i.e. how do you accommodate a 6-year-old and a 16-year-old on the same trip), etc. We always chose the "Dumbo Do Or Die" plans, which is the plan you choose when the trip is 100% about your kid getting on as many rides as possible without a care for anything else.

Some people may not like to have their whole day planned out like the book and site helps you to do, but then again, the 15 minutes we waited for Soarin' was one of the longer waits we had all week. Another family waited 2½ hours. Spontaneity's great sometimes, but at Disney World, not so much.

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