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Disney Vacation Day 6: Test Track, Fast Passes, and Driving Home

Today we were let into Epcot an hour early so that we could make our way back to "Norway," where that morning's breakfast with the princesses would take place.

The princesses came around rather quickly, so we finished up and walked leisurely to Test Track. Carey obtained some fast passes (for 9:30) and we were first in line before Epcot had even officially opened. A wave of people came rushing towards us minutes later, but we were in the first row of the first car of the first ride that morning - a unique, bizarre experience.

We went on the ride inside the Epcot dome, used our Fast Passes to ride Test Track for the third time, and then sampled (again) the sodas from around the world before heading out. The guides I mentioned before also schedule your Fast Passes, and we made ample use of them throughout the trip. Carey told me only 10-15% of people ever use a Fast Pass, so that's the one tip I'll pass on to you even if you don't get the guide book: use the Fast Pass feature.

The drive back was again marred by construction in Georgia. Seriously, people, it's Good Friday and you're holding people up. Fortunately traffic kept moving and we were only penalized about 45 minutes… but again, the barrels… there's gotta be something with the barrels.

The car gave the same errors as before (I'll call Monday), and the fog and rain in North Carolina and Virginia was so bad that we stopped eight hours in Virginia before driving home the rest of the way the next day.