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NBC Boycott (Mellon Arena Big Screen Ban)

Last year during the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Pittsburgh Penguins showed the broadcast on a large screen outside. Fans would gather on the lawn, watch the broadcast, and celebrate a great run by the Pens in the playoffs.

This year, they've done it again for the first two games (shown on FSN), but NBC has told them no way for tomorrow's NBC-broadcast game. NBC is not allowing the Penguins to show the broadcast on the big screen outside of Mellon Arena.

I - and many other Pens fans - see no reason for this. The broadcast shown is the same NBC broadcast that will be seen by those who will now be forced to stay at home to watch. The same advertisements, the same audio, the same images. Furthermore, NBC allowed it last year.

Pens fans are revolting. They're sending letters to NBC and its advertisers. Me? I'm just trying to figure out the logic of it. Bars show games all the time - same thing. Viewing on the lawn is free. They're not charging for a "performance" or a "showing." So what gives?

P.S. I've sent a few short, polite emails. I'm also going to look to cut back on my viewing of NBC shows. 30 Rock is safe, but partly because they make fun of this type of commercial bullcrap.

One Response to "NBC Boycott (Mellon Arena Big Screen Ban)"

  1. to the writer of this article.

    you can email

    inform him that you are joining the boycott of his advertisers and nbc shows started by mike. state your views on the decision to him and state that you will be passing flyers out to the people who watch the jumbotron the next game that it is running. (even if you cant do that tell him that as it might put some fear into their situation) i have had conversations via email with him that i disagree with their decision. let him know that the flyers were donated by another entity which wishes to remain anomymous. he will pass on your statements to the national people.

    the email above is for the general manager of the pittsburgh affialiate of nbc.