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Turn the Camera, Honey

I almost forgot about this, but one day in Disney World a woman was taking a picture of her husband and their two sons, and the husband was trying to tell the wife to turn the camera from landscape orientation to portrait.

Man: "Turn the camera, honey."
Wife: "Huh?"
Man: "Just turn it, the picture will look better."
Wife turns her whole body so she's pointing to the right of her husband.
Man: "No, turn it 90 degrees."
Wife turns around and begins backing up to the husband so she can take a picture of all of them (or something).
Man: "No, turn 90 degrees!"
Wife returns to her position, and flips the camera to point towards her.
Man: "Honey, 90 degrees, point it at us."
Wife turns the camera upside down: "Like this???"
Husband walks over turns the camera in the wife's hand to portrait orientation, and starts to walk away."
Wife: "Oh, I didn't know it could do that."